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Sauces That Hinder Good Eating Habits

Sauces That Hinder Good Eating Habits

We all know that eating a piece of broccoli tastes much better dipped in ranch, but are we outweighing the goodness of vegetables with the bad of our dip. Here is a list of condiments that we should avoid:

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Ketchup- Main brand ketchup is packed full of high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup (yes both in one bottle). Heinz states at the bottom of every bottle that the tomatoes are grown from trademarked “Heinz seeds.” Take one visit to the Heinz seeds webpage and you see they praise their “hybrid” seeds. There is no way of knowing if these are actually GMO.  We do know that Heinz came against California’s proposition 37 in 2012 that would require them to list any GMO’s on their labels. This sugar packed dip of questionable origin should be avoided. There are organic low sugar varieties. Although, sugar is sugar and should be used this sparingly. There are many alternatives to ketchup.  One of my favorites is salsa.



Mayonnaise- More likely to be dolloped onto sandwiches, mayo is never good in large amounts. Major brands use soybean oil as the main ingredient. Likely GMO, soybean oil contains high amounts of processed OMEGA-6 fatty acids. This can cause chronic inflammation in your body. Mayo also usually contains Calcium disodium EDTA. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, this chemical is used in alternative medicine, both as a chelating agent to remove heavy metals from the body and to remove plaque from arteries. Food manufacturers use it to keep the mayo from spoiling. In high doses, this chemical can be toxic to humans.  Mayonnaise should be used sparingly. It’s counterpart mustard, on the other hand, is generally safe and healthy.


Soy Sauce- Made of mainly, water, wheat, and soybeans it also boasts almost 1000mg of sodium per tablespoon. Likely to be GMO (as about 93% of soybeans produced in the US are GMO), this product contains no real value. Using only a little of this, you are ingesting about 40% of your recommended sodium intake for an entire day. Soy sauce is usually made through fermentation using many different molds, yeasts and bacteria. Taking in too much fermented soy long term can lead to soy allergies or sensitivities. A great alternative is coconut aminos which is made from raw coconut sap. This sauce contains up to 14 times the amino acid content of soy. This product also has only 115mg of sodium per serving.


Ranch Dressing- This condiment takes the cake for being no good. Packed with fat, sugar, soybean oil (probably GMO), MSG, modified food starch (not gluten free), food dye and artificial flavors, there is no good reason to consume it.  MSG alone is enough to avoid Ranch. MSG overexcites your cells to the point of damage or death. It is theorized that it can potentially causing brain damage and triggering learning disabilities. Side effects include obesity, eye damage, headaches, fatigue, depression, rapid heartbeat, tingling and numbness. Take any other condiment and you will probably be better off (except for maybe blue cheese dressing).



Bbq Sauce- Similar to ketchup, bbq sauce starts out with tomatoes, but adds almost 3 times the sugar. Turned into a liquid, we process and digest the glucose almost instantly, causing our bodies to overreact and store it as fat. Most bbq sauces add sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup with a touch of molasses on the side. There are some mustard based bbq sauces that are a far better choice than the average tomato based sauce. When getting a craving for bbq, check out these healthier choices instead.


Italian Dressing- When homemade, Italian dressing can be a healthy choice for salads or marinades. When store bought, watch out. Olive oil is not even present in many major brands. Instead (most likely) GMO soybean or canola oil is used. Throw in a good dose of sugar, chemicals such as malodextrine, autolyzed yeast extract (another chemical exactly like MSG) and you have yourself a mess. Malodextrine which is made from starch, is a quickly dissolving, easily digested glucose. Made from wheat or corn, you may not be eating a gluten free product.  You are also adding an extra dose of sugar to your meal. Italian dressing can be easily made at home and would be a much healthier substitute to the store bought concoctions.

Dipping veggies in these condiments can seem like a healthy choice, but don’t be tricked. You are likely dousing your vegetables to the point where you can only taste the condiment.  This practice is only giving you a high dose of unhealthy ingredients. Learning to enhance the flavor of veggies with herbs and spices can be a feat, but it is well worth avoiding processed food in the end.



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  1. I rarely eat any of those…and have discovered that mashed avocado makes a yummy and healthy substitute for mayo. My son makes our BBQ sauce and it generally has molasses in place of sugar which I think is somewhat better. I should probably look into that.

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