Solo road tripping- Day 2

Some people just love driving. I am not one of them. I’m day 2 in and already wishing teleportation was a thing. Maybe it was all the torrential rain, but the driving was boring today.

My internet body clock got me up at 7:00am just like it was a work day, but no bother. I went to sleep before 10pm last night haha. I checked the weather report for my destination, Twin Falls, ID, and saw that it would be sunny until about 2pm when the torrential rain and thunderstorms would hit. I was out of my cabin by 8:30am determined to beat the rain.


I was one step short of being out of the rain the whole drive down. I broke free of the rain right as I pulled into my first stop, Malad Gorge State Park. I paid $5.00 to enter and saw the first viewpoint long enough to take a few pictures before the rain hit. I was instantly soaked but I got my pictures!! I bolted back to my car and went on to my next stop.


By the time I arrived inTwin Falls it was raining there too. I was assured I would see the next attraction in the rain, but I prayed that it would clear. Right as I pulled into the park, Shoshone Falls Park , the rain stopped and there was about 45 minutes of sun. I beat the rain and the crowd!! I even got to see a rainbow. It was amazing.


Once the rain came drizzling back, I stopped at a couple stores to pick up my missing items, hen found my hotel. I am soooo glad I decided not to camp tonight as I would have been miserable and flooded out.

I checked in, found my cozy room, juiced some veggies (sorry next door room) and relaxed. Next I hit up Applebee’s and soaked in the indoor hot tub. What a day. ☺️ I’m feeling relaxed, independent and fulfilled.


2 thoughts on “Solo road tripping- Day 2

  1. Love this blog! I can participate in your trip with you (sort of). I am glad you see God’s hand in this, and I am excited to see how the rest o1f the trip turns out because I know he will meet you

  2. Brave girl, sounds like fun! I know about being alone though, not a fun when there is no one to share God’s beauty with. So glad you are sharing it with us 🙂 Have a great day and adventure today and stay safe!!!!! Love you, Aunt Terri

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