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Solo road tripping – Day 3

Today was a long day. I managed to get out of Twin Falls at 7:00am and headed south for Utah. The speed limit was 80 through most of my trip, which meant I just had to go 85/90, but I noticed something about the people in Utah. Most of them go under the speed limit. Maybe they are more evolved then the rest of us in the country and they understand that the limit is there as a cap, but where I’m from, you go 5 to 10 over and so it just irritated me.

After an 8 hour trip and the temperature climbing from 47 where I started to 100 where I arrived, I pulled into my hotel inHurricane, UT. The parking lot was empty. Oh no, I thought, this hotel must be terrible. Turns out people just check in after they go to Zion and I’m just backwards.

I unloaded my car and headed out for Zion. It was another 30 minute drive and I finally arrived just shy of 5pm. I had 2 hikes I decided I had to do while here, which of course happen to be he 2 most strenuous. The Narrows and Angels Landing. I thought about doing them both tomorrow but was apprehensive as it would be about an 11 mile feat, in 100 degree weather.

I parked and hopped on the shuttle bus not knowing if I would attempt one of the hikes or not. When we stopped at the very last spot, I decided I would do the narrows. I had 3 hours to do it and I would just time myself so I would not miss the last bus. The narrows is a hike through a canyon. You trudge through the river as far as you want to go.


As i went into the river, I saw several groups of people starting with me. That was a good sign that I wasn’t starting too late in the day so I kept going. About 30 minutes in, I realized slowly but surely every group that started with me had dropped off and turned back. I was still seeing people coming back but no one else going in. I became a bit nervous but I knew I had timed it right. I was about 90% elated and 10% nervous. Obviously elated won that battle and I kept going. I figured it was either a really bad decision or a really good one. As I walked up the river I knew more and more it was the perfect decision. The rock walls winded beautifully and I was awestruck at every turn. I was alone in this beautiful scene and it was amazing. Gone were all my worries about being 1200 miles from home alone, gone was any weariness from the drive, and far from my mind was the fact that I had barely eaten that day. I was in heaven.


I turned around in time and the walk back was so peaceful. I saw some crazy people entering the river at 8pm ( last bus is 9:15pm) and I felt much better about my planning skills. A stranger asked me to take a pic of him and I asked for one in return. It’s a bit blurry but it worked. Not until I got on the shuttle back to the parking lot did I realize I was exhausted and starving. The drive back to the hotel took far too long but I got to watch the sunset. I got back, ate way too much and now I’m laying here before passing out. I have to be up at 430 to beat the heat for my other hike. Goodnight!


4 thoughts on “Solo road tripping – Day 3

  1. Beautiful pics. TT for sharing. I commented on FB earlier! Heading to bed myself! We loved Zion NP, something unique at every turn! Enjoy! There is a lot of NParks in the area! Linda Mills

  2. Thank you Lord for keeping Liz safe and showing her again the awesomeness of your creation. Just think, the original version and final version are even more spectacular!

  3. Liz – David and I were at Zion in April three years ago. We loved it! It was around 75 degrees, but the water was too freezing to do the hike up the canyon (people did it with wet suits though). I am only on day 3 of your blog, so can’t wait to see where you went next. On our trip, we did 7 national parks in 4 states in 5 days! Lots of driving. We loved it!

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