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Remlinger Farms Fall Festival- Fun & Fashion

Remlinger Farms has been a yearly tradition for my daughter and I. It is one of the best fall events in the greater Seattle area. The fall festival includes pony rides, carnival rides, a train, food and more!

We are very familiar with the layout and plan accordingly.  Here are some tips an tricks to a successful outing at the farm.

1. Arrive early in the day. The festival opens at 10:00am and there are very few people at that time. We were the very first to get to the pony rides and my daughter had her choice of ponies. Arrive later in the day and you will have a line.



2. We were also on the first train ride of the day, which is a popular attraction. This gave us prime seating and we chose the back of the train. This gave us a nice unobstructed view.

636 639

3. Check out the animals early as they are awake and curious in the morning.


This is the goats tree house!


My daughter was having fun but hates her photo being taken 99% of the time…so there’s this face…


And this face….the fake smile to get the photo over with.

4. Save the corn maze for after the crowds show up to the festival. The hay ride to get to the maze and pumpkin patch ran frequently and was not overloaded.



5. Go to the festival within the first 2 weeks that it is open. (end of Sept, beginning of October) This will ensure that you find nice pumpkins. We went the week before Halloween last year and had to pick through mostly rotten pumpkins.


Fall Festival Fashion

When fall begins, I love pulling out my fall colors. I love coats and scarves. My entire outfit (minus the boots) came from the thrift store!


The leggings are H&M, but cost me under $5. The coat is YOKI New York. It had a small hole that I mended so it cost me $2.50.

665 667

The shirt is a Target brand, Merona. I cannot remember how much it cost. The scarf is Free Press (a Nordstrom brand) and it was on sale for under $2.


I encourage everyone to get out and look for treasures at thrift stores. You never know what you will find!!

<3 Liz

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