Gluten Free Tempura

Gluten Free Tempura

I made this tempura with butternut squash.


For the Butternut Squash
Cut up the squash with pieces 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick and roast in the oven at 450F for 15 min.  Don’t add oil while roasting.  Let the cooked squash cool.

For the Batter
2 Eggs
2/3 cup All Purpose Gluten Free Flour
1 Can Seltzer Water (you won’t need the whole can)
Salt to Taste

Crack eggs into a bowl and add gluten free flour a little at a time, wisking them together until you have a paste like consistency. You may need slightly more or less flour based on the size of your eggs. Slowly wisk in seltzer water a little at a time until batter consistency. Batter should be liquid, but thick enough to coat your vegetables. Wisk in salt.

To Cook

Cover each piece of squash (or other vegetable) and fry in any oil at med/ high heat until brown on both sides.  Keep the batter in the fridge during frying sessions.  I used a combination of sesame oil and avocado oil.



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