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Back to the Basics


I drove my bestie and her hubby to the airport at 3:30am this morning. Not too many cars were on the road, but on my way home, a little after 4am, there were a surprising number of cars on the highway.

This made me start to think about the race that is life. Do you ever become sad thinking about how fast life is going and how little you have left? I do. I love life. I love experiencing and living. In the last few years, I have made my life pretty darn amazing. I have a wonderful daughter, boyfriend, job and I get to travel.

But why does life pass by so fast? Is it the lifestyle we lead? I have to think that farmers 100 years ago were also very busy. Their days probably went by fast. But those farmers didn’t have television or the internet. When they had time off from work, they spent time with their loved ones, they sewed, they knitted, they cooked, they made music, they survived. And they died a lot more.

I go back and forth with my love and disdain for the internet. I love that knowledge is at our fingertips and my daughter has the opportunity to learn so much more than I did with technology. But I hate the I am bored without the internet and that I love attention on social media. I deleted Facebook a year ago and have recently started to pull back on my only other account, Instagram.

I want to get back to the basics, but I don’t want to give up the internet. How can we find a happy medium?

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