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I’ve been ferociously enamored with dreaming and the science behind it for many years. I have an inept ability to dream almost every night and to wake up with at least partial memories from the dream. Most of the time those dreams fade from memory within an hour of being awake, so I try to lay in bed for several minutes each morning going over the key points of what I remember from my dream. Sometimes this helps me recall the dream later into the day or even years into the future. I really wanted to preserve those memories, so in 2012 or so I started a dream journal. I would wake up and immediately write my dream down.

Since I am an adult, and I have to rush a lot of mornings, this doesn’t happen too often, but I had a great period in 2015 where I wrote down a lot of my dreams. It is absolutely fascinating to go back and read some of the dreams as I have no recollection of them whatsoever. It is quite an out of body experience.

Dreaming is one of the most wonderful traits that makes us more than just mammals. It makes us deeper, more complex souls. And yet, there is science behind all of it. I cannot wait to see how much more we learn about the science of sleep and dreams.

And maybe one day, when I retire, I’ll pull out my dream journal and begin to create new stories out of the ones I imagined in my sleep.

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