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Rock Climbing in Mazama at Fun Rock

Rock Climbing in Mazama at Fun Rock

Melia Rocking It

For Memorial Day Weekend we planned our trip all around the rock climbing we signed up for with North Cascades Mountain Guides.  NCMG was the only company I could find that does a family lesson for real rock climbing.  I emailed them a couple weeks before the holiday weekend with low expectations.  They let me know they were booked but would try to find me a guide.

Well they did! Michael Hutchins was our guide. He was beyond nice and quite knowledgeable.  He patiently waited with us and taught us the same things over and over as we forgot.  Click Here to see NCMG’s family package for rock climbing.

Me waving from the top of the climb

I have never climbed a real rock face before. I have done indoor rock climbing, but when you are in the great outdoors, you are experiencing something completely new.  I watched my daughter ascend up the mountain with ease thinking she must be in much better shape than I am.  But as I climbed up, I looked back realizing how quickly I was moving up the rock face.  It was exhilarating and a great workout!
Melia with our guide, Michael.

I left the experiencing wishing I would do this more often, but you cannot climb alone. You need a friend to belay you.  It is probably not realistic, but maybe I could at least do more indoor climbing.


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