Creamy Roasted Poblano Pepper Soup


2 Russet Potatoes

6 Poblano Peppers- Roasted in the oven at 450 degrees for 20-30 min, skins removed after roasting.

1 sweet onion- separated in halves

6 cups vegetable stock

1 tsp salt (or more to taste)

¼ tsp black pepper

1 tbs cumin

1 bay leaf

1 can sweet corn

¼  cup flour

¼ cup olive oil

¼ cup butter

1 cup heavy cream

In your crock pot put pealed potatoes, poblano peppers, vegetable stock, half of the onion and spices.  Cook on any heat setting until potatoes are soft.  Once soft, Remove the bay leaf then use an emulsifier and blend the soup thoroughly.  Mix the flour with the olive oil to make a paste and drop that into the soup. Emulsify again.  Chop the remaining onion into very small bits.  Add to the soup and stir in all remaining ingredients.  Can be cooked on low for another 2-3 hours.

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