Changing the Way I View Life: Heaven and Hell

As humans we tend to either be ever evolving or stuck in a mindset. I do not want to live in a polarized mindset and I am always searching for more.

I cannot bring myself to believe that there is a hell, and even if there was, I find it a “hell of a lot” scarier to think that there is nothing after life, that we just cease to exist. And yet, that is all I can comprehend to be true. Having been very religious in the past, losing that hope for an afterlife has had an affect on me. I actually think it has had a good effect. I no longer think about life after death and want to focus on making my existence on the earth as fulfilling and fruitful as possible.

Believing “this is it” makes me want to life my life to the fullest. I want to change my mindset about many things, such as how I view love, friendship, money, my career and more.

It has taken me years to alter my point of view, and I believe it will be a never ending process. I am going to spend some time in this blog highlighting what has changed for me so far, and what I am still struggling to change. There’s still a lot of question marks for me, but I am totally okay with that. Join me on this journey and maybe you can ask yourself how you view life.

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