New Beginnings

All my adult life I have been afraid to take risks. At 18 I gave up all my hopes and aspirations to get married. At 21 my daughter was born and I gave up finishing college to live my life for her (no regrets!). At 23 my husband left me and I was no longer able to be a stay at home mom. I began working more and more to give my daughter the best life possible. I have worked my tail off to get to where I am now and at 33 I own my own home, have no debt, and I am finally able to take a risk for myself.

Friday was my last day at my conventional desk job. Tomorrow I begin my journey working remote. I will wake up in the morning, will open my laptop in my pajamas and get to work. I will travel to the ends of the country to be with the people I love and will still be able to support my daughter and I. When Melia goes back to school, I will not have to leave her in after school care all day. Maybe it is not the same as winning the lottery, but I have never felt this free in all of my life.

I took photos of myself today for business purposes, and I love them!! For the record, I am in love with the store UniQlo and the sweaters are from there. PS. My cats sneaked in a few shots and I love them too.

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