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Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil

The Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil

rosehipsRose Hips are the edible fruit of the rose plant. They are often used in teas, syrups, jams, pies and other sweet recipes.  If the fruit is eaten straight from the bush, it is a very rich source of Vitamin C. Rose hip seed oil is harvested from the fruit of a few species of wild rosebushes. These grow mainly in the Andes Mountains, but also in South Africa and Europe. These species are Rosa moschataRosa rubiginosa, or Rosa canina.

Rose hip seed oil is amazingly beneficial to your skin. It is extremely high in essential fatty acids and has become known for its ability to moisturize skin, treat eczema and smooth scars. This oil is also high in provitamin A.  It is considered a “dry” oil meaning that it soaks into the skin easily and does not leave a greasy residue. It can be applied directly to the skin, but is also found in many skin care products.  In fact, by itself it makes an amazing makeup remover!

Just like we need to eat a wide variety of vitamins to function well, our skin needs natural vitamins to maintain its resilience.  Much of the vitality of our skin comes from a healthy diet, but if we constantly slather chemicals onto our skin, we are only making it work extra hard to combat “poisons” and thus depleting the sustainability of our skin.  Makeup and the majority of skin care items are full of harsh ingredients that do not benefit us beyond covering up deeper issues.  Using natural products such as those that include rose hip seed oil, can help your skin fight against anything that ravages it. Even the air contains harmful agents that bombard our skin every day.

Rose hip seed oil is just one of many ingredients that are capable of boosting your skin’s natural beauty and restore its youthful glow. One product that I have been using recently is Vine & Branch Naturals face moisturizer.  It contains rose hip seed oil along with other safe and beneficial ingredients.  It is so hard to find products where ALL of the ingredients are good.  I always refer to EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Cosmetic Database.  You can look up an item you have purchased or are thinking of buying and see if any of the ingredients are not good for your skin.




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