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Solo road tripping – Days 7, 8 & 9

Day 7 I drove for 13 hours. Some of the scenery was beautiful, especially up highway 1 between Ventura, ca and Santa Cruz, ca, but most of it was boring so there’s not much to note about It.


Day 8
I drove from Ukiah, CA to Bandon, Or. The sun came out as I drove through th beautiful redwood forests. Even the rest stops were surrounded by huge trees. I made it into Bandon around 3pm. It was windy but sunny. I immediately headed for the beach and hung out for over an hour until I got too cold. I then went back into town and wandered the shops. I ate ice cream before dinner, bought a Christmas ornament ( of course) and a sweatshirt.
I then had breakfast for dinner at a great diner and had fun making friend with some really nice locals. I headed back to my room a bit late but it had a jacuzzi in my room so I took advantage of that amazing thing before bed. I was terrified by the big black spider I found on my pillow but I managed to fall asleep after letting it out the door.


Day 9
I woke up this morning feeling really gloomy. My vacation is over 🙁. The drive was really boring until I missed the rest stop I wanted to go to. I really had to pee so I waited for th next one. God must have wanted me there because I saw a homeless single mother with her 3 kids and mother sitting outside the restroom. I talked with her and ended up giving her all my food, cooler, blankets, mats, cooking stuff and tent. Her kids thought it was Christmas and drew me pictures and the girl was so happy. All 6 of them had slept in their car for 6 days and they couldn’t be more grateful for a tent. Suddenly my worries went away and I was beaming. I am so glad to have helped them. I’m sitting in taco time now, pretty much home, but 60 miles away. The traffic is horrendous and I want to escape WA but here I am!

2 thoughts on “Solo road tripping – Days 7, 8 & 9

  1. What a wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing it.What day were you in Ukiah/ Bandon? Did you travel up the whole OR coast? David and I just did that a week ago, heading south! We left grandpa’s on Friday (July 8). How funny if we’d seen you! We did all of OR from Portland down, to Santa Rosa. Loved it. God bless!

    1. I was in Ukiah on Friday and Bandon on Saturday. I went up the whole coast from Ventura, ca to Coos Bay. Oregon. It was amazing!

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