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A Glimpse Into the Mind of a Woman Living With an Overactive Bladder

A Glimpse Into the Mind of a Woman Living With an Overactive Bladder

At the age of 20 I was already suffering from an overactive bladder. No one could figure out why and certainly not the wack-a-doodle doctor who stuck her finger up my pee hole. I have no idea why either, but I can tell you it isn’t fun. Sometimes it’s once every couple of hours and sometimes its every 30 minutes. Road-trips are not easy and the aisle seat in airplanes are my best friend (though I love the window).

Over the years I’ve come to find my stupid bladder comical.  Here are a few thoughts I have actually had/have with an overactive bladder:

Me before a flight

“I had better pee before I get on that plane.”….10 minutes later while boarding…” dang-int I have to go AGAIN! Should I hold it until I get on? No, I hate airline bathrooms. Ill just go again.”  During takeoff: ” OMG I have to pee again.”

Me while glamping in Florida

I wonder if I can wake up my boyfriend to drive me to a gas station when I have to pee in the middle of the night. I don’t want to use that camping toilet.

Me while planing a road trip

Ok, If I get up at 7am and pee, then drive 10 hours without eating or drinking anything, maybe I will only have to stop to pee a couple of times.

Me while on the road trip

I am so hungry….its only 1pm. I can keep driving. Maybe have a few sips of water and a few chips” …30 min later… “Omg I need to find a bathroom ASAP. WHY ARE THERE NO BATHROOMS HERE?! That gas station looks really creepy but it will have to do!

Me while on a road trip with my boyfriend after actually eating and drinking

Me: “Can we please stop. I really have to pee.”
Him: “We were just at the restaurant 30 minutes ago.”
Me: “I know but I have to peeeeeeeeee!”
We Stop. 30 more minutes pass.
Me: “um…I have to pee.”
Him: “Stop drinking water!”

Me while on a hike

Okay 30 minutes in and I have to pee like crazy. I shouldn’t have had that glass of water 2 hours ago. Where are the bushes? There are too many people! I have to find a place now. Ill just have to hike way off this trail…why did I come on this hike? Maybe if I just walk at a slower pace my bladder will calm down.

Me at work

I really hope no one has noticed that I’ve use the bathroom 8 times already today.

Me while at any appointment ever

People: “Would you like a drink?”
Me: “No, Thank you.” In my head: “I’ll just have to pee.

Me while at my first sonogram appointment while pregnant at an Army hospital

*Tried to hold my pee for hours, was dying, almost peed on the table
Sonogram person: “You were supposed to hold your pee. Your bladder is only half full.”
Me: “I did hold it. For hours!!!! I’m dying!”

Me while planning going out to eat on vacation

I cannot go anywhere for 2 hours after I go out to eat.”

Me sometimes while running, biking, walking, sneezing, coughing, or jumping  

Welp…I just peed myself a little.” Better stop what I’m doing and make a beeline for the bathroom


Well I hope that gave you a little comic relief.  In all sincerity, If you are also suffering I have learned a couple things that help.

  1. Minimize dairy intake
  2. Drink water very slowly and in little sips.
  3. Avoid acidic food, caffeine and large amounts of alcohol.
  4. Plan ahead, and let your friends know so they don’t get annoyed. 🙂


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