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Photography & Real Estate- A Skill and a Passion

Self Portrait, with Goober 2016


Hi everyone! Im Liz. I am real estate broker and I am a photographer. My skill is real estate, and my passion is photography. I have decided to hang up the towel on paid photography jobs. I love it just to darn much to do it as a career. Real Estate, I love as well, but I love it in a much different way. I love the knowledge I glean from each transaction and leading my clients to their end goals of buying or selling. Photography, on the other hand,  is just for me.

I recently learned that artistic portraits and house photography have a completely different skill set required. I lack the skills and patience for home photography. With houses you have to shoot in multiple exposures and merge those photos, then “paint” them to make them look better. No- Thank -You. I will stick to the

I love editing portraits though. Something about the emotions behind the images pull me in and make me want to edit for hours. I am still going to take on TF”P” modeling jobs because I love it. If you want to see what opportunities I have out there, Click Here. If you want to see some of my work, Click Here.

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